Additional Colors

Short Film

Spielzeugland (Toyland) 


Easily available to find on the internet (just make sure to search english subtitles), this thrilling 14 minute short is certainly unforgettable. A story of love, horror, morals, and most importantly of life. This film is not only suspensful but it is an incredibly real story of a friendship between not only two young boys, but the friendship in society. Justice is balanced with incredible evil, and in the strangest of ways. The short took the academy for best short film in 2009 and I can defintely see why!

I want to go to toyland, too – Heinrich


American Horror Story


In preperation for it’s third season, I recommend watching all 25 current episodes. This show is unstoppable (and for many reasons). An all star cast, excellent photography, brilliant direction, and creative concepts; what’s not to like? With the same actors but new stories and characters each year, don’t be afraid to jump right in to the third season (American Horror Story: Coven) either.

All monsters are human – Sister Jude


God Of Carnage


“God of Carnage” is an excellent live show, as well as written play, and if you do not get the chance to see it live, then you should at least take the time to pick up the play and read it. Not only is the play hilarious, but the film is equally great. If you do not get the chance to see this on stage, I encourage you to read the play and then see the film, which includes the all star cast of Jodie Foster, Kate Winslet, Christoph Waltz, and John C. Reilly.

Our son is a maniac.


Mad Men 


I don’t think I have ever been more enthused to watch this show each week. I have learned to enjoy the company of this show, as well as it’s entertaining characters and amazingly written screenplays. I will hate to see it go in its final season next year.

I thought you didn’t go in for those kinds of shenanigans – Peggy Olson


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