Somewhere: Sophia Coppola

I thoroughly enjoyed Sophia Coppola’s SOMEWHERE. Although some of her films have a tendency to move at a slower pace, I specifically liked the slowness of this film, for its feeling of intimacy and closeness as we take a look at a moment in one mans life. Furthermore, I highly enjoyed Elle Fanning’s wonderful perfomance in this film, and am haunted by the static scene of her character ice-skating for almost three-minutes. What is spellbounding is the relationship noted between a man and his daughter. In some ways we see Elle’s character Cleo acting as a mother figure to her own father. Even better though, is watching Cleo mature into a young woman, through this act of mothering. The emptiness felt in this film is heavily apparent, starting with the opening shot of an empty desert highway, in which our protagonist drives away in his sports car. Here we truly see what this film is actually about, the juxtaposition between having everything and having nothing. I love that there is nothing groundbreaking about this film. Instead the audience watches life and learns to sympathize with it. The film instead of being loud, is quiet, allowing the viewer to really ponder what is happening in the character’s life and walk away hopefully pondering their own. It says so much while saying so little, and instead of putting these statements in the dialogue, Coppola instead offers demanding imagery and haunting visuals that stay with the viewer.


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