And The Oscar Goes To…


This years Oscars was going really well — until my power went out. But this change in events didn’t stop me from updating from my phone. I would say that I agree with many of the decisions made this year, but it was not my favorite ceremony (that spot still remains with the 2008 academy awards ceremony). Irregardless, films such as DALLAS BUYERS CLUB and SEVEN YEARS A SLAVE were definitely deserving of their wins. I was glad to see my personal favorite film of the year, HER, win in the original screenplay category. I was also delighted at seeing another favorite, THE GREAT BEAUTY, win the foreign film category. I was disappointed in the win by short film HELIUM over AVANT QUE DE TOUT PERDRE which I felt certain deserved a win. The film, which I will need to eventually review, not only kept me involved throughout, but I remained thinking about it long after it had ended. Although it was clear that Matthew McConaughey would be the winner for best lead actor, it was sad to see another loss by DiCaprio. Additionally, I felt DeGeneres was a wonderful host, keeping the event as lively as possible throughout. Overall it was a great ceremony, I only wish I could have finished watching it live.


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