Commercial & PSA Review


For my commercial review, I have chosen two separate commercials to analyze (one a PSA and one a product endorsement).

The first, well known by many as it is often shown on popular television, is the AT&T  commercial, “bigger is better.” Not only is the commercial visual appealing with is composition and bright coloring but the introduction of children is an added element that allows the commercial to stay with its audience. With this childlike aspect, one immediately feels happy and joyful upon viewing, and leaves with a pleasant feeling. This pleasant feeling therefore, is directly tied to the AT&T company.

Secondly, I have chosen a heavily contrasting PSA commercial which introduces the topic of domestic violence. Choosing this commercial was a necessity to me, as I felt it fit the assignment perfectly. The commercial very artistic and highly conceptual, highlighting the cinematographers vision perfectly. Similarly, while some PSA’s are generally broad and informative, this offers for a more thought provoking and in-depth analysis of domestic violence. With a somewhat jarring ending, the audience follows a singular person, making a personal connection with this woman specifically, and a connection with the message as well. “It rarely stops.”


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