Grey Gardens: Documentary Review


Grey Gardens is one of my favorite documentaries. Having scene the HBO Film a few months prior to viewing the documentary, I was completely immersed in the film from beginning to end. I would sugggest having the background information prior to viewing the documentary, as many of the statements throughout the documentary are implicit only with prior knowledge. The documentary is as entrancing as it is equally haunting, capturing a moment in the lives of two women with an unbreakable bond. The strange lifestyles of these two women are hard to watch, yet for some reason we are unable to look away from the screen. Not only do the women remain completely strong in their dilapidated home, they retain their wit and good humour throughout. The women, particularly the young Edie Beale, struggle internally with a need for freedom, and a need to stay. Shot on mostly all portable film devices, Grey Gardens is a must see documentary. I also highly recommend viewing the HBO Film which stayed astoudingly true to the documentary.



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