Film Review: The Kings Of Summer

The Kings of Summer (2013)


Having been at my local film festival this past year, I had been waiting to see The Kings of Summer, seeing I had missed the showing that day. The film is wonderfully youthful and fun, remaining fast paced throughout. The acting from each of the boys in the film as well as the additional characters must also be applauded. At the same time, while the idea of the film is pleasing, moments seemed to drag on from time to time and provide a far too unrealistic storyline. The film’s surreal moments are almost absurdist, clashing with the few “real” moments placed here and there. While the unrealistic aspects heavily dampened my view of the film, I will say that I equally enjoyed the light and adolescence the film carried throughout. True, my expectations for the film were not meant, but I still found it an enjoyable short watch.

Rotten Tomatoes – 76%

My Rating: B-

 I met a dog the other day that taught me how to die.



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