Film Review: Room 237

Room 237 (2012)


For me, A “Shining” fan, Room 237 was a very enjoyable watch. I had not seen The Shining for a long while, and enjoyed remembering the film and Kubrick’s beautiful film style. Room 237 delves deeply into the theories that revolve around one of Kubrick’s most popular films. While some of these theories may seem ridiculous, there are a few theories that have completely changed my perspective on the film. An analysis of not only The Shining, but on Kubrick, as well as filmmaking itself, this film is perfect for the thinkers among us. It is not only thought-provoking, but gives an inside look on the process of filmmaking. Beautiful composed, the film is comprised of clips from The Shining as well as the occasional cutting of another of Kubrick’s films. I recommend this for anyone who is vaguely interested in film, and furthermore recommend The Shining as a film to come before or after this entree.

Rotten Tomatoes: 93%

My Rating: A-

Film Not Rated


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