What Maisie Knew: Film Review

What Maisie Knew (2012)


I rented this film on a whim, knowing that Julianne Moore has never failed before in my eyes, nor has Alexander Skarsgård. The acting was excellent, as was expected, and strictly filming from a child’s point of view was a very new concept that I enjoyed. In fact, the film was so centered on the child, that neither adult actor had much screen time. This of course, while interesting, had its downfalls. After about an hour, I felt the film dragging on, the central theme being the only theme, with few subplots, those of which were predictable. I have to commend Onata Aprile, so young, yet stealing the show. The film is patient and sensitive, sometimes so sensitive that it felt safe. Overall I had a nice time watching the film, but in the end did not have much of a takeaway.

Rotton Tomatoes: 88%

My Rating: C+





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